• Flawsome


Celebrate what it means to be flawsome!

Take a hefty helping of awesome, sprinkle in some funky flaws, and enjoy your Flawsome self! Welcome to the guided journal that lets you be you. There’s no such thing as “perfect,” and embracing those special sparkles and fanciful idiosyncrasies that make you human is the surest way to feel your best. Through fun quotations and inspirations, follow along a range of thoughtful journaling questions that span the spectrum of goofy and fun to insightful and introspective. Use this journal to build your confidence, love your inner weirdo, and see the value of all your incredible quirks.

- Let go of feelings of uncertainty and cozy up to unconventionality
- Discover why making mistakes and going against the grain can be good for you
- Get jazzed up about what makes you and others unique

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