Lyse Lemieux Lalani Jennings Contemporary Art

Lalani Jennings Contemporary Art is a new art gallery located in Guelph, Ontario.  Founded in June 2022,  our mission is to bring together a dynamic group of diverse artists whom, through our eyes, best represent the unique spectrum of contemporary Canadian Art.

As a gallery that is 50% owned and operated by a woman of colour, it is our priority to enable new opportunities to those artists that have historically been overlooked within the traditional and contemporary canon.

We endeavour to create an open and safe space for new audiences to engage with contemporary art. Our curatorial mission is to create socially responsive and engaging exhibitions as an open platform for new modes of engagement between audience, works, and artists.

In order to achieve this, we seek to create an open dialogue through a holistic viewing experience generated from the utilization of video, audio, and social media. With this is mind, we have created virtual walk-throughs, interview videos, and collaborated with external writers.

The gallery operates as two main streams of exhibition making. The first is located within the main gallery space, where we program our rotating solo and group exhibitions. The second is a permanent sculpture gallery showcasing a range of ceramic artists.

This sits alongside a retail space containing a selection of prints, works on paper, books, magazines, homeware and functional handmade ceramics created by an expanding group of diverse female makers.

The main purpose of this space is to create an environment distinct to the traditional Canadian contemporary commercial gallery model, enabling collaboration with artists and nonprofits—such as Inspirations Studio, a ceramics program for women and gender diverse people—in creating work for new audiences. 

- Directors/Curators | Ross & Sheena Lalani-Jennings

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(519) 766 4531

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Lalani Jennings Contemporary Art

60 Ontario Street, Unit A
Guelph, ON
N1E 0P5