• esse | Arts + Opinions | 108 | Spring/Summer 2023

esse | Arts + Opinions | 108 | Spring/Summer 2023

esse | Arts + Opinions | 108 | Spring/Summer 2023

Résilience | Resilience

This issue reflects on how we might respond to the constant onslaught of a new reactionary right based on the critical role that we believe art can play. Rather than praising individual resilience, in which humans are both the victims of trauma and responsible for its healing, the essays in this issue call for resistance. In addition to its critical approach, this issue also considers social and cultural healing, love, and kindness. It seems that by agreeing to work toward social solidarity and climate justice, we are in the process of returning to resilience its connotation of hope.

Esse arts + opinions, published three times a year by Les éditions Esse, is a contemporary art magazine covering a wide range of art practices, including visual arts, performance arts, and digital arts, and all forms of socially engaged, site-specific, and performative intervention. It favours analyses that address art in relation to its context. Les éditions Esse regularly confirms its mandate to publish a socially engaged magazine by addressing ethical reflections and the major changes that result. Each issue includes a thematic section complemented by a portfolio of artworks, a section of critical articles, columns, reviews of exhibitions or events, and a section presenting the activities of its advertising partners.

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